UBI Now: We Can’t Afford to Wait

UBI Now: We Can’t Afford to Wait


As a society, we grossly underuse the resources we already have at hand, and instead try to implement social programs that, quite frankly don’t work well. For example…


Millions of Americans went to food banks for the first time in 2020 as grocery stores in some areas went without customers – and food was plowed back into the fields that grew it! This is grossly inefficient and wasteful. And it’s not just food…


31 vacant homes exist for each one person who is homeless, yet, millions of people don’t have money to pay rent. This is also asinine!


By its very definition, a net has holes, and our safety nets in America are allowing people to fall through by the millions. If the inefficiency of our systems doesn’t scare you, then please consider yourself extremely fortunate, because anyone who has, knows how painful it is!


For example, the average wait time for disability is two years.


What is a person to do who can’t work to survive, but needs to wait for two years for disability?? Throughout COVID, 1/3 of people had to wait four months for the first unemployment check!


With over 70% of Americans living paycheck to paycheck, how can we reasonably expect anyone to be able to wait four months assistance in a crisis?


There is another way. There is a better approach that would help solve the inefficiencies mentioned above.


A Universal, Unconditional, Basic Income.


For a second, just please imagine if we had implemented UBI before the pandemic. Perhaps people could have afforded to stay home and stay safe. How many lives would this have saved? How much less relief would be need reactively because we already had a proactive solution built in?


With automation getting cheaper and more efficient each and every day, we cannot afford to wait any longer. Indeed, the problem is NOT the automation of labor, but rather that we require labor for survival income!


Pass UBI now. We can’t afford to wait.


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Picture: https://www.vectorstock.com/royalty-free-vector/ubi-universal-basic-income-concept-tiny-male-and-vector-32382490

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