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Guided Imagery

Guided Imagery lives in the middle of Guided Meditation and Hypnosis, having similar qualities to both of these, while being its own unique modality.

In Guided Imagery, there is conscious dialogue happening throughout the session. In this modality, there is a facilitator guiding a client through different imagery practices to promote wellness in a safe and trusting environment. The facilitator will be asking open-ended questions during the imagery process to deepen the client’s experience while the client’s eyes are closed or at a soft gaze. Guided Imagery is an inward journey to discover hidden insights and ease tension.

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Student-Athlete Coaching

A self-pay service catering specifically to student-athletes. Spencer Murray, our resident Mental Fitness Student-Athlete coach, uses his own experience with sports combined with his masters-level education in school counseling to aid athletes in six specific areas:

Performance anxiety, team building, on/off the field issues, overcoming injury and adversity, leadership, and balancing student-athlete life.

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Career Transitioning

Not sure about your current career or future path? It can be difficult to know how to navigate career choices when deciding what’s best for you and your family. Working with Steve will help you better decipher your emotions and options to find the best career path for you.

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FaceTime/Phone Therapy

You’re busy- I get it. Traffic stinks. Driving to an office across town, sitting in a waiting room. Driving again. It’s colossal waste of time.

Let’s cut through the traffic, let’s save time, and let’s get straight to the point. Facetime therapy allows you to get a full counseling experience from the comfort of your own home without all of the obstacles and inconveniences of traditional office therapy.

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Walk-Talk Coaching

You’re busy and it’s hard to find time to work out, let alone come to counseling. Which one is more important- it’s hard to say? So why not combine both at the same time?

Exercise has been proven to improve one’s mood. Exercise is a miracle drug- if it were a medication people would pay big bucks for it’s benefits- yet it’s benefits are free to all of us. Even just ten minutes of brisk walking can boosts serotonin, endorphins, and dopamine. Yet in our society exercise is probably the least utilized anti-depressant, and unhealthy foods and medications the most utilized.

If you’re active person, and traditional sit and talk therapy isn’t your style, walk-talk therapy is the perfect option for you.

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Music Group

Music is wonderfully therapeutic. While actively playing music, you can’t be stuck in past regret, nor can you can’t be worried about the future. You must in the moment. Music also allows one the freedom to express his or her feelings through a creative and constructive outlet.

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