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Guided Imagery

Guided Imagery lives in the middle of Guided Meditation and Hypnosis, having similar qualities to both of these, while being its own unique modality.

In Guided Imagery, there is conscious dialogue happening throughout the session. In this modality, there is a facilitator guiding a client through different imagery practices to promote wellness in a safe and trusting environment. The facilitator will be asking open-ended questions during the imagery process to deepen the client’s experience while the client’s eyes are closed or at a soft gaze. Guided Imagery is an inward journey to discover hidden insights and ease tension.

Student-Athlete Coaching

A self-pay service catering specifically to student-athletes. Spencer Murray, our resident Mental Fitness Student-Athlete coach, uses his own experience with sports combined with his masters-level education in school counseling to aid athletes in six specific areas:

Performance anxiety, team building, on/off the field issues, overcoming injury and adversity, leadership, and balancing student-athlete life.


Mental Fitness Life Coaches

Daniel Ruffalo, MA

Guided Imagery

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Spencer Murray, M. Ed.

Student-Athlete Coach

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Tyler Spence

Student-Athlete Coach & Business Developer