We teach physical fitness in schools. We ought to be teaching Mental Fitness as well.


1 in 5 students at any given time is struggling with depression or anxiety.

With rising demand for mental health services in schools existing resources are rapidly filling up. As a professional therapist and speaker for the past 12 years, I've worked with countless adolescents on improving their Mental Fitness.


Why Mental Fitness is the perfect fit to speak at your school.

Unlike the term "mental health" which implies distress or dysfunction and does not apply to everyone, there is no one who doesn't have room for improvement with their Mental Fitness. This is what gives our message a more encompassing reach and a unique perspective from what the students may be used to hearing.


I am passionate about helping adolescents reframe the way they see the world in a more positive light.

By challenging them to recognize the importance and power of their own thinking, it enables them to have a greater sense of hope and control over their future. After all, the only thing we’re 100 percent in control of in our lives is our thinking.

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Testimony Spotlight


Kayla Robinson

Personal/Character Development Teacher and Cross County
Coach at Seneca Valley

I had the great pleasure of working with Mr. Steve Wize of Mental Fitness, LLC on two occasions. Mr. Wize presented to my class of middle school students and to the high school cross country team I coach. Both presentations were profoundly impactful to the various age ranges.

Mr. Wize’s combination of engagement, passion, and knowledge created an informative and inspiring presentation. The way he connected with both audiences, addressing their questions and concerns with genuine interest, made all the students feel valued and engaged. It is not always easy to get middle school and high school students to participate, but Mr. Wize was successful in this challenge.

Overall, I cannot express the impact that his seminar made on my colleagues, my students, and myself. I am incredibly grateful for Mr. Wize’s time with both of my student groups, and I highly recommend him as a speaker for any event.

Over the past 10 years I have worked with numerous schools to improve their mental fitness. Here are just a few …