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October 2018

Life Out of Balance: Howard’s Story

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LIFE OUT OF BALANCE: HOWARD’S STORY When I tell people that I used to weigh 315 pounds, their initial response is usually something like, “I can’t believe it.” If the first question is, “How did you lose the weight?” The second question is “How did you get so heavy in the first place?” Followed by something like, “No offense intended.”…

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Stress: Negative Threat or Positive Challenge?

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Stress: Negative Threat or Positive Challenge?    Stress is always better utilized when regarded as a “positive challenge” rather than a negative threat. For example, think of Tough Mudders. Tough Mudders are 10 to 12 mile runs with 25 obstacles in between. People crawl in mud under barb wire, jump in freezing, ice-cold water, and even voluntarily risk getting shocked….

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