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Think better, exercise better, and eat better

As of April 17th of this year, I passed the exam to become a NASM certified nutrition coach! For years, I’ve been wanted to help people “Think better, exercise better, and eat better” and now as of today, I have the credentials to back up all three! Being a therapist is great, but it has…
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Top Five Life Lessons from Running

13 years ago, I completed the Boston Marathon. In honor of that, yesterday, I ran a 10k around Chippewa Township. Though I’m not as physically in shape as I was ten years ago, my mentality is stronger than ever. Here are 5 life lessons I’ve learned from running throughout my life.   There will almost…
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At First, Say “Yes!” A better way to find your niche

A better way to find your niche Perhaps this may seem like common sense, to just say “yes” and get started. However, in recent years there’s been a push to “Find One’s Niche.” That is, to start by focusing one’s energy on a particular segment of the population or to limit one’s focus to a…
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Everything Starts With Putting Your Mental Fitness First