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Play the Long Game

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been reading the book Moneyball. For those of you who may not be familiar with the book or movie, Moneyball is about the 2002 Oakland Athletics and their unique approach to baseball. To summarize, the Oakland A’s disregard, baseball traditions, and look to science and statistics to help them…
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Doubt Kills More Dreams than Failure

The Airplane Analogy    Motivational speaker, Prince Ea, describes an interaction he had with a pilot. Recalling the pilot’s words, Prince Ea states that “many passengers think planes are dangerous to fly in, but actually it’s a lot more dangerous for a plane to stay on the ground. On the ground, the plane starts to…
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Acknowledgments: Teamwork to Make the Dream Work

Acknowledgments It truly takes teamwork to make the dream work, and this CE course has been no exception. Since its conception in May of 2016, numerous people have helped make this dream a reality. Listed below are some of our most important and influential supporters and contributors.   Tresa:   You’ve been my biggest supporter,…
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Everything Starts With Putting Your Mental Fitness First