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At Mental Fitness, we provide staff wellness training for corporations.

We offer life coaching and professional counseling for individuals.

Staff Wellness

Improve morale, reduce turnover, and increase productivity to create a more engaged, upbeat workplace.

Life Coaching

Regardless of your background or current circumstances, everyone has room for improvement in their lives.

Professional Counseling

Professional Counseling takes place from my office in Cranberry Township, PA.  Most major commercial insurances accepted.

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Steve Wize

Meet the creator of Mental Fitness

Steve Wize is an author, speaker, and corporate wellness trainer who specializes in helping companies and individuals reach their full potential. After graduating with his Master’s degree from Pitt, Steve went on to become a licensed clinical social worker and has spent the past five years working in private practice. During this time, Steve designed his own unique curriculum in which he has used to create his book, and his business, Mental Fitness, LLC.

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Mental Fitness is a company dedicated to the pursuit of self-improvement. Whether you’re an individual looking to pursue your personal goals, or you’re a company looking to achieve its full potential, Mental Fitness will help you make these dreams a reality.

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