Is your company struggling to retain and recruit great staff? Is the morale and engagement your company not as high as you’d like it to be? If that is the case, Mental Fitness is here to help. We help companies improve job satisfaction so that employees feel valued, have better relationships with leadership, and a great sense of autonomy.

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Steve Wize

As a professional speaker, Steve works to help companies improve their morale to maximize their potential. He does this through, “Motivational Training.” A strategy he created using elements of story, science, and real-world examples to illustrate points that stick long after the training is delivered. Throughout Steve’s career, he has worked closely with all types of organizations, ranging from corporate to tech, to non-profit, to healthcare. Some of the companies he has done trainings for include the following below. 

Here are just some of the places Steve has spoken

Testimonial Spolights


Joshua Litvik

Program Coordinator of Professional Development and
Executive Education at CMU

While serving as a program coordinator in Human Resources at Carnegie Mellon University, we brought in subject matter experts through our EAP. I was fortunate to sit in on several of Steve’s trainings and always found value and learned things I still use today (for example, reframing perspective, I have to vs I get to). I also was responsible for collecting evaluations and Steve always had rave reviews and was one of our most popular trainers.


Kristin Kirby

DPM, podiatrist

Steve was a pleasure to work with on one of our recent conferences. He was communicative and helpful during our planning process. My attendees all complimented him on his Mental Fitness talk and I was so impressed leaving his talk
wanting to improve my own way of thinking! I look forward to completing his 12-week guide to becoming mentally fit and mastering my thinking!

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