Why I Don’t Like Being a “Boss”

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always felt weird about the terms “leader,” “boss,” or “supervisor.” To me, they suggest a power dynamic that creates a self-fulfilling prophecy of grandiose importance, or on the other side, dependence.


Perhaps mentor/mentee is a bit better in its connotation, but for me, even that’s still not quite there.


For me, real leaders are NOT self-designated. Much like a team collectively chooses its captain year-to-year, the best “leaders” for me don’t consider themselves superior in any way. Rather, they see themselves as equal members of a team striving together towards a mutual goal or create purpose.


That’s the “leader” I want to be, and the “leader” I want you to be as well.


Picture Citation: https://www.dynamiccap.com/tag/office-behavior/

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