Seven Steps to Master Your Emotions

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As a professional therapist, I’ve worked with thousands of people struggling to manage their emotions. In doing so, over the years I’ve developed a simple, seven step approach to understanding and mastering one’s emotions.

Even though this is only a brief overview, I wrote this article today for anyone who may be struggling to manage their emotions. I hope this simple, step-wise process can allow readers to gain a greater understanding of what our emotions are and how to master them to our advantage.

Seven Steps to Master Your Emotions

Step 1: Retreat

A temporary retreat is necessary to prevent one from reacting impulsively. Strategies here include reaching out to persons to talk to, places to go, or things to do to de-escalate when emotions run hot.

Step 2: Allow

If you resist your feelings, you simply cause them to persist in upsetting you. Rather, notice and observe them while allowing them to run their course.

Step 3: Acceptance

As you notice your feelings, keep them separate from your core identity. i.e. We have a cold, we don’t become our cold. Be cautious of the phrase “My anxiety” as it is often an indicator this step is not properly occurring.

Step 4: Reframe

We’re often taught that emotions are either “good” or “bad” and that undesired, “bad” emotions ought to be numbed out. Rather, practice labeling your emotions as your working internal GPS letting you know if an action is out of line with a value.

i.e. You value your health, but you’re eating junk food, The emotion of guilt here is a useful altering you that things have gone off track.

Step 5: Explore

This is the step of asking yourself, “Where is this emotion coming from?” Or in other words, “What’s off between my actions and my values that’s causing me to feel this way?” (A counselor can offer be an excellent guide in helping one answer this question)

Step 6. Guidance

Emotions are signals that guide us towards our true potential and values.

Step 7: Action

Resolution of emotions doesn’t happen all at once. It’s a process. However, persistent and consistent action in line with one’s core values is how one can best use their emotions to guide them towards their full potential.

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