Why I Became a Therapist: Jessica’s Story

By July 19, 2019Uncategorized

Meet Our Newest Team Member, Jessica Calhoon!

Why I Do What I Do

Growing up, my father was what I consider a ‘functional alcoholic”.  He provided for our family and from the outside looking in you probably would have never known the hardship it caused my family.

I grew up in central Pennsylvania with my parents and brother.  I had a fortunate childhood and can look back with fondness on my memories and experiences.  I didn’t have to worry about my basic needs being met and knew I always had family to turn too.  However, like most people, my family wasn’t perfect.

My father’s alcoholism wasn’t something we talked about, but fortunately, I had a few select confidants (my mom, grandma, and family friend) that I could lean on.  Mental health and alcoholism are something that you can find throughout my family tree.

I sometimes wonder how different my life could have turned out if I didn’t have these protective factors on my side. Perhaps it was for these reasons that I knew from an early age that I wanted to help children in some aspect.

This brings me to my why…

My mission is to help children and adolescents build awareness and learn the skills to work through hard moments instead of running from them. I want to make an impact in children and teen’s lives and help calm their chaos. As a therapist, I strive to create a comfortable space for children and teens to feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and feelings. I feel called to help kids gain confidence and find their voice.

We all have the ability to grow and change our circumstances.  Just like my dad made the choice to seek help and was able to stop drinking; I made the choice to focus my career on helping children find their voice.  I am grateful for all the protective factors in my life that shaped me into the person am I today.  They provided me the confidence and support to pursue my passion. It is now my goal to pay it forward and act as a role model and proactive factor to support children and adolescents as they work through their own life challenges.