What Makes Someone Become An Entrepreneur?

What makes someone become an entrepreneur? 
For me, one of the greatest influences I had growing up was my dad.
My dad was, and still is, self-employed. This career choice had both pros and cons for us as a family, but as a kid, I saw a lot more of the pros than the cons. Perhaps that’s why he chose that route…
For an example of the pros, my dad never missed one of my sporting events.
Now, I know a lot of people say that, but I’m not exaggerating. He was there for everything!
Every all day track meet
Every recreational NABA game
Every Tiger Pride football game
No matter what time or where the event took place, my dad (and grandpa, truth be told) were there in the stands cheering me on.
For him, this meant missed work, long drives, and honestly, lots of downtime when I wasn’t even running or in the starting line-up at times.
Still, he was there. And it meant a lot to me.
His career choice allowed him this freedom.
What it didn’t offer him was benefits, vacation pay, or healthcare.
To say that I didn’t fully understand or appreciate this as a kid is an understatement.
As an adult, however, I now realize just how much he sacrificed for my psychic benefit.
But he did more than just make sacrifices in his own career for my sports events, he actively modeled to me how to be an entrepreneur.
When I was teen, my dad lent me his lawnmower and wheel barrel. He and I then passed out flyers door-to-door that my mom helped us make all around the neighborhood.
I offered lawn and landscaping services. I got a good amount of jobs.
My dad bought the mower and the gas for me. On the bigger jobs, he even worked alongside me, giving his share of the pay to me as well.
He was never too important, too busy, or carried himself with too much pride to join me in trimming bushes, shoveling snow, or moving mulch.
Of all the influences I’ve had that made me believe that entrepreneurship was possible, this was one of the strongest.
Even in my late twenties, my dad still came to various marathons and half marathons to cheer me on.
This is a picture of him and me at the Towpath half marathon in Cuyahoga Valley, Ohio.
So here’s to you, Dad. Thanks for all that you’ve done and continue to do. Because of you, I’ll be paying it forward for the generations to come!!

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