How to Build Hustle Muscle

Earlier in my career, I joined a private group practice founded by a man I greatly admired.

Though this man had many incredible attributes, he was also the quintessential dreamer. As such, he continually believed that someone (besides himself) should take it upon themselves to spread his message. He truly, but wrongly, believed that if his message were strong enough, someone else would apply it to him.

At first, I bought into this as it seemed a reasonable belief to me. He wasn’t a marketing major. He didn’t know how to promote himself in any strategic way. Perhaps he’d be foolish even to try.


Nevertheless, I encouraged him to consider videos and posting content on social media to gain exposure.


For one reason or another, however, he refused. The conditions weren’t perfect, so there was always an excuse that became a non-starter.


The trouble with this belief was that I was putting the responsibility for my success solely on someone else’s efforts. I had fallen deep into the Dreamer’s Trap and even found myself making excuses to stay stuck there.


Around this time, I read Grant Cordone’s Book, “The 10X Rule.” Throughout the book, Grant often repeats, “success is your duty, responsibility, and obligation.” After hearing this numerous times (I listened to the book twice in its entirety), it finally clicked. I left the group’s private practice and started my own.


Indeed, “Hustle Muscle” is a term I first heard from Grant, and I’ve loved it ever since. Thanks, Grant! I appreciate your inspiration and attitude.


The hard truth is that I was afraid. I was scared to go out on my own because I would have no one to blame but me if I failed. Yet, at the same time, if I kept putting my faith in others to make me successful, that didn’t seem to be a winning script either.


Finally, I concluded that Mental Fitness was my dream and that no one else would do it for me. It was up to me to get my Hustle Muscle going, stop cheering from the sidelines, get in the game, and make it happen!


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