Acknowledgments: Teamwork to Make the Dream Work


It truly takes teamwork to make the dream work, and this CE course has been no exception. Since its conception in May of 2016, numerous people have helped make this dream a reality. Listed below are some of our most important and influential supporters and contributors.




You’ve been my biggest supporter, my best friend, and I cherish you as my wife and lifelong partner. You’re an incredible mother and you’ve pushed me in positive ways no one else has ever been able to tap into. I love you with all my heart!


Howard Irwin:


Howard… No one lives a more exemplary Mentally Fit life than you, my friend. There aren’t words strong enough for me to fully state how much your support has meant to me throughout this process.


Laura Greco:


Laura, from the start you saw potential in me that I didn’t see in myself. You pushed me to start my own practice and have been an awesome accountability partner throughout the process!


Max Brown:

Max, I still remember that one day back in early 2017 when I first showed you and Howard the book. Howard jumped into the details of editing, but you were able to take a broader look at it. You suggested I use more of my own voice, and that gave me the courage to do so. Thank you, friend!


Cheryl and Reagan Mittler:


Cheryl and Reagan, thank you for helping Wesley grow into the sweet young boy that he is today.  We truly can’t thank you enough for all that you do! You’re more than just caretakers to us, you’re family!


Megan Thompson:


Megan, your editing eye has helped me streamline the book to be more reader friendly. You did this all just out of the goodness of your heart. Your kindness is most greatly appreciated!


Bari Guzikowski:


Bari, you were instrumental in helping me organize my thoughts in a way that makes sense, not just to me, but to my audience as well. Thank you.


Jerry, Alex, and Will:


Jerry Scheller, Alex Lui, and Will Host comprise the Mental Fitness media team. Jerry is responsible for the website and logo. Alex is responsible for the branding of our videos. Will has taken what Jerry started and taken it to the next level. Thank you for all your efforts, guys!


Jessica Calhoon:


Your kindness and caring is abundant in all that you do. You’re incredibly skilled and Mental Fitness wouldn’t be what it is without you. Your character shines a great light on this world.


Anna Pease:


As our office manager, you do all the backend work that keeps business flowing. You’re an awesome mother, team member, and friend. I admire you, and thank you, for all that you do!


Ryan West:


You’ve always believed in me, Ryan, and I thank you for that. Because of your recommendations, you’ve helped me grow as a speaker and opened up doors for me that no one else has. You’re an incredible professional, a caring father, and an all-around great guy. Thank you!


Tyler Spence:


You were instrumental in putting together the quizzes, citations, and book proposal. You were a huge part in building the business to what it is today, and I’ll always appreciate your contributions.


Francesca Anthony:


You and I were the first two to reach out to an agent together. You were with me from day one. Your kindness and caring heart is seen by all who know you- and I’m sure all the pets you helped raise money for appreciate it as well. I’m still amazed by your efforts. Thank you!


Luke Goozdich:


You were clutch in helping me film and edit our first efforts at a Masterclass for the public. Even more than that though, you helped with all details, big and small, that helped streamline the process, and I greatly appreciate you for that.

Spencer, Sam, Danielle, and Ashley:

Thank you all for being a part of the team at Mental Fitness. I respect and admire each one of you for your unique skill sets and drive. It’s been a pleasure having you as not only part of the team, but part of the dream.


Molly Allwein:


Thanks for making this opportunity possible for us. You were the first to see how the message of Mental Fitness could work as a Continuing Education Course. Thanks for believing in me and the message!


Allene Hyatt:


Allene, thanks for meeting with Jamie and me on a weekly basis for the better part of the year. This project wouldn’t be possible without your skills, expertise, and creativity! It’s been fun!


Josh McLure:


You’ve believed in me and the vision of Mental Fitness since day one. You’re great dad, an outstanding professional, and a kind person. I am thankful for your support and contributions to our vision and goals.


Mary Keenan:


Thanks for watching the kids and allowing me the opportunity to work on this course. Tresa and I could not do what we do without your ongoing and loving support.

Mom and Dad:


Thanks for believing in me. Dad, thanks for coming to all of my games growing up. Mom, thanks for giving me the imagination and courage to become the person I am today. I love you both. Mental Fitness exists because you both believed in me.


Joe Nolfi:


Thanks for all the film editing and ideas. It’s been a pleasure working with you!


Jamie DeMarco:


Jamie, you’re awesome. You’ve worked on this CE course with me more closely than anyone. You helped create the worksheets, you provided value feedback and suggestions, but most importantly, you’ve helped build this dream with me with enthusiasm and tenacity. It’s been a pleasure so far and I look forward to working together for years to come.


These are just a few of the many people who have supported me throughout this process. To everyone who has ever encouraged or believed in me, from family to friends, colleagues to acquaintances, I appreciate you deeply.


So, in conclusion, remember: We can’t go through this life on our own.


Every Big Dream comes with a Great Support Team!

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