Trying to Eliminate Anxiety is the Wrong Goal

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Did you know? Trying to eliminate, reduce, or manage anxiety is the WRONG GOAL and will actually get you worse results. Rather it’s better to view any feelings of anxiety as a temporary companion and one of life’s greatest teachers!


Don’t believe me? Think of it this way…


There are two sayings that illustrate this point better than any others:

  1. Where attention goes, energy flows
  2. What you resist, persists


Here’s an example:

Say you’re playing golf. You think to yourself, “Don’t hit the water. Don’t hit the water. Don’t hit the water.” Where attention goes, energy flows – that ball is going in the water.


Same goes for anxiety. If you think, “I shouldn’t feel anxious. I hate feeling anxious. Why am I always so anxious?” What you resist, persists. With that mentality, you’re simply feeding the anxiety to get worse and worse.


So, what’s the better approach? Recognize and allow the anxious feelings as your temporary companion and explore them fearlessly. Anxiety always comes from somewhere. Like a physical pain is a warning sign of misalignment in the body, anxiety is a sign of misalignment between action and values.


Here’s a better mantra to practice…


What you resist, persists. What you accept, transforms you! #MentalFitness



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