3 Predictors of Job Satisfaction That Matter Most

By December 7, 2019Uncategorized

There are three predictors of job satisfaction that matter most:

1. The relationship with one’s immediate supervisor
2. Level of autonomy
3. Feeling valued and appreciated

Here’s how to improve each one.

1. Value the strength of the relationship more so than the productivity numbers. If you value the numbers over the relationship, you’ll get neither the numbers or the relationship!

2. Don’t micromanage. Let staff figure out their own path to achieve goals. Give them a clear “commander’s intent” and set a principles to follow as guidelines, but support their autonomy, even throughout the growing pains and learning process!

3. Show your appreciation often, specifically, and sincerely. Go above and beyond to let your employees know their efforts are values and their voice is heard. Many supervisors only intervene when something goes wrong. Rather, aim to be the supervisor who is first in line to congratulate when it goes right!

Remember, as the leader is it your job to serve your employees, not the other way around! Do your best to make their lives better, and in turn, they’ll be happier and more productive.

I hope this tips help your personal leadership and professional organization.

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