The Answer Isn’t Always More Therapy

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In my field, I see a lot of families who do a lot of therapy. Granted, this is a great problem to have as it shows the family is motivated, engaged, and invested. Still, when problems arise, more often than not my suggestion is NOT for more therapy.

In many cases, my suggestion to the parents goes something like this: Find a mutual activity you can do with your child. One that caters to their interests, not yours. Engage in that activity wholeheartedly and with genuine interest. Ask questions and show enthusiasm.

Spend time doing this activity on a regular basis. Be it hiking, video games, shopping, or the shooting range, so long as it isn’t a directly destructive activity- perhaps don’t smoke vapes with your kids- then it’s good!

While you’re doing that activity, I encourage parents NOT to talk about grades, work, or problem behaviors. Just have fun together. Relax and rebuild the relationship. It will do more wonders than any therapy hour.

To make an analogy here, if my dog is acting up, then the answer isn’t always more training classes- it’s more walks! It’s more play! It’s more time, attention and praise!

The answer isn’t always always more therapy, it’s more quality time.

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