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According to a 2010 Harvard Business Review Study, for every dollar a company spends on wellness training, it can save them six dollars with greater productivity, higher moral, and lower health care costs. The Mental Fitness Curriculum will promote and improve all of those areas and more. Health Care, and wellness, in this country is not only reactive, but extremely costly. It is far more “sick” care than health care. Let’s flip this script on it’s head. Let’s address our mental fitness proactively, not when it’s already hurting our performance and our mentality.

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For decades traditional therapy has done more harm for many individuals in seeking self-improvement than it has helped. Diagnosises become self-fulfilling prophecies which become people’s identities. This keep people stuck and making excuses. Insurance companies require a diagnosis so that they will considering covering a pre-determined number of time-limited sessions and are a hassle to work with. Therapy services are documented by insurance companies and can stick with you for a lifetime as “pre-existing” conditions.

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