Mental Fitness Masterclass

There is a Glaring Gap in Our Society

In American society, when we hear the word “fitness” we tend to think of physical fitness. Many of us count the calories we consume, the steps we take, and the hours we sleep. Yet as much as we focus on these things, we tend to be miserable. What is going on here? Well this is only half of the picture. At the core of this is our Mental Fitness. We let the 60,000 thoughts we have each day go unchecked.

We were taught the importance of physical fitness when it comes to health and longevity. What about our Mental Fitness?

Have you learned to master your emotions, to build amazing relationships, or how to find your life’s purpose? Probably not? Our schools aren’t teaching these things and the deaths of despair reflect this oversight.

Filling the Gap

Mental Fitness Masterclass

The Mental Fitness Masterclass is the comprehensive one stop shop for all the education and skills you need to master your thinking.

Master Your Life

The Seven Deadly Phrases: Detoxifying Your Mind
Mastering Your Emotions: Seven Steps to Master Your Emotions
Stress: Negative Threat or Positive Challenge?

Master Your Relationships

Removing Judgement: We’re All Human

Crucial Conversations: Bringing Out the Best in Others

Relationships: It’s All About “We”

Achieve Your Dreams

Mental Mantras: A Slogan a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Finding Inspiration: Defining Your Life’s Purpose

Achieving Your Dreams: The Ten Principles of Goal Setting

The Mindset of Leadership: Be the Change

Mental Fitness Masterclass Curriculum

Included in the Masterclass

  • Guided lessons with instructional design
  • Video lectures
  • Workbook
  • Knowledge Checks
  • Quizzes
  • PowerPoints
  • Textbook in E-Format