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[/heading][toggles style=”minimal”][toggle color=”Default” title=”1. Does Mental Fitness accept any forms of insurance for services?”]

Yes! Most major commercial insurances are accepted including Highmark, UPMC, United, Aetna, and Cigna. If your insurance provider is not listed here, we recommend that you reach out to ask if we accept your insurance.

[/toggle][toggle color=”Default” title=”2. What’s the difference between professional counseling and life coaching?”]

Life coaching is a self-pay (insurance doesn’t cover it) service that focuses on setting and achieving goals, whereas professional counseling, led by a clinician, is covered by insurance and aims to assist clients with mental health needs.

[/toggle][toggle color=”Default” title=”3. Which Motivational Training program is the most effective?”]

Trainings can be selected in an a la carte style or in a full series to most appropriately meet the needs of your company. Just fill out our Motivational Training form on the contact page and we can get back to you with our recommendations.

[/toggle][toggle color=”Default” title=”4. Do you currently offer telehealth options?”]

Yes! Our counselors and coaches have been using Zoom to ensure that clients continue getting the support they need despite COVID regulations. We have a BAA agreement with Zoom to protect client confidentiality!

[/toggle][toggle color=”Default” title=”5. What if the counselor I wanted isn’t available?”]

You have the option to be put on the waiting list for that counselor or we can place you with one of our other clinicians.

[/toggle][toggle color=”Default” title=”6. I’m interested in joining the Mental Fitness team, what’s the best way to get in contact with you?”]

Give us a call at (412)-334-9790 or email steve@menta-fitness.us!