1. Does Mental Fitness accept any forms of insurance for services?

No. Mental Fitness is not your traditional therapy.

2. Can Mental Fitness coaching services count towards mandated therapy requirements?

Often for a drug and alcohol programs, licensure requirements, or as court mandated counseling. It depends on the requirements of the program. Though I do not bill insurances for coaching services, I am a licensed clinical social worker, and therefore, often fit the criteria of these requirements.

3. Is it better to do one program as needed or to do the entire curriculum package?

It is far better to do the whole package. The curriculum is specifically designed to build upon itself. For example, it’s hard to be an effective leader (lesson 12) when you don’t have the skills to communicate assertively (lesson 5) or have mastery over your own emotions (lesson 2).

4. Is Seven Springs that only event option for my corporate retreat?

No. Seven Springs is not the only event option, however, I’ve done the research and it is excellent option for those in the Western Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. However, if you would like your event hosted at a different location, that can be arranged as well.