Doing Mental Health Therapy is Actually a Lot Like Being a Masseuse


Just like people come see a masseuse when their posture is poor and their muscles have knots, people come in to see us at Mental Fitness because their mind is kinked and their path is unclear.


Whereas a masseuse works with a client in teaching them proper posture, ironing out any knots in the muscles, and then giving them stretching assignments to do between sessions; as therapists, we work with clients in helping them discover their core values, design a plan with them that becomes their path to achieving them, and then help them overcome any mental obstacles that may be getting in the way. We also offer recommended readings in between appointments!


Both processes – though one physical and one mental – are very similar!


This is why I love the idea of Mental Fitness. For me, we ought to think of these errors more similarly and, as a society, we ought to start putting the same amount of effort into our physical health as we do our mental health!


Your #MentalFitness matters.


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